Cylindrical Screen manufactured by CSP are used for underdrain systems in both industrial and municipal markets.  These systems consist of under-drain screen laterals that are part of a central hub, header and lateral systems and nozzles.  Hub and Lateral screens can be PBL (pipe based laterals) flanged or threaded.  The laterals incorporate a pipe based insert for uniform liquid filtration to avoid channeling.

CSP provides hub and lateral systems for standard tank size from 36 to 84 inch diameter. The systems can be fitted for various inlet piping at the tank bottom.  Our standard distribution pipe drilled laterals are also available.

Nozzles can be manufacture with various threaded lengths and fittings. These liquid and solids separation devices are used in plate, distribution rings, and a header lateral arrangement.  Nozzles can be considered where space restrictions are a factor.

Applications are:

Water Supply Systems • Tank OEM’s • Biopharmaceutical • Food and Beverage
Desalisation Plants • Refineries-Petrochemical • Carbon Absorbers • Ion Exchange
Reactors • Food and Beverage Industry • Power Plant DI Water Filtration • Mining

*Manufacture from 304, 316L, and other alloy metals*
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